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Below are some commonly asked questions by students and their parents/guardians, regarding consultancy and admissions to different courses? Please read them to know us better.

How TRUMPTM is different from other consulting services?

At "TRUMPTM Career Solution" we offer you a time-tested and cost effective process that enables a quick admission and smooth immigration process. Our expertise extends to guiding you through every step of your admission process: from the choice of universities, to applying with discretion and guiding you through immigration procedures. Our counsellors and consultant associates are high professionals qualified for college admissions to several programs like – common graduation, BBA, MBA, MBBS, LLB, PG programs of medical sciences, law, and study programs in abroad.

Our comprehensive study counselling services provide you an insight to the present education system and allow you to seek a better opportunity for your ward. We unlike other consultancies, who leave students on half way after fulfilling certain criteria, guide the students and parents till the admission is complete. For any queries one can seek our help at any time.

Will I get an honest assessment to my topic of choice or college?

Our one to one consultations and counselling help students and parents decide the best college for admissions. We make no hurry and don’t provide wrong information like “if you don’t take admissions to this or that college you would not get anywhere by this time or alike”. We provide ample information on the colleges one wants to get admitted to and safely carry the mode of admissions.

We give absolute freedom to our clients to choose their college of choice. We highlight the merits and demerits of all colleges so that parents can find out which one would be better for their children. We also encourage our clients to go for best colleges and guide them not to waste money or time on applications where there would be no realistic chance of success for the student.

What about your networks and database?

This is very important for all students to know. Yes, we maintain a wide network of clientele i.e.300 colleges and institutions affiliations, 600 coaching centres, 25 franchisees, and 350 associate consultants. Besides that our collective knowledge on college admission consultants would help you to get the best offers of colleges and universities in the country. We work statistically with significant business associates to track a record of every admission procedure, the cut off marks, the minimum percentage requirement, the entrance exams dates, the questionnaires of entrance exams of previous years and so on and so forth.

What is the process of admission to colleges and universities in India?

It would be easy for you to start the admission process step by step at "TRUMPTM Career Solution." You should first register yourself with us. After your registration is complete we send you confirmation via SMS/email or call.

The elementary step begins with filling the Application Form of a college or university. Through our strong counselling you would be able to choice out few colleges and institutions where the prospect of getting admission is higher.

Our counsellors would help you from filling the form to choosing the right college for your career gain. We try to help you find out your strengths and weaknesses so that you decide better where you can excel.

Once the colleges and universities are chosen, the detailed information about them is provided. We provide you complete information about academic session, deadline of filling applications forms, submitting qualification documents, entrances and results.

The next step is obviously admission to the college. In case students get into waiting list we help them keep track of vacant seats and their prospect of getting admission to a college.

Once everything is final and accepted, the ball is behind the bars. That means you scored the goal! Hurray! And all the best for a new life and career

How long is the admission procedure?

It differs for different Colleges / Universities. Approximate time period would be 5 to 8 weeks. However TRUMPTM Career Solution Consultants tries it's best to get the University's response about students' acceptance earlier.

Is TRUMPTM a government registered firm in India?

Yes, TRUMPTM is an Indian authorized organization by the name, TRUMPTM Career Solution registered under the Karnataka Government with Corporate Identity No.Firm/JNR/831/2009-2010

How long has TRUMPTM been in this industry?

Since 2004, TRUMPTM has been involved in education recruitment. We started as a career guidance cell. What we are today is due to the commitment and strive rendered by, our extremely talented professionals with international exposure.

Where are the main offices of TRUMPTM located?

The TRUMP Career Solution has its Head Office located in Bangalore and the other branches reaching over the boundaries in, Delhi, Ranchi, Patna, Dhanbad, Hajipur, Bhagalpur, Godda, Purnia, Begusarai etc.

How do I assess the genuineness of education consultants to seek assistance?

It is your right to know whether or not the educational consultants you approach is licensed. Only authorized consultants can help you to reach your destination rightly. Genuine organizations will be the direct representatives of institutions abroad and they are bound to showcase their representation certificates to their clients or students. You can also assess their track record and get feedbacks from the students they’ve already sent abroad.

What are the services rendered to me by TRUMPTM Career Solution?

Analyzing your educational and financial background, advising the apt programme, assistance for admission, IELTS/ PTE grooming, bank loan, visa processing, travel and relocation. Post landing assistance in coordination with associates abroad wherever possible

Why should I seek assistance from an educational consultancy?

In the case of an experienced and expert consultant like TRUMPTM Career Solution, its assistance will certainly be helpful for a hassle free admission/ visa process and travel abroad. Why should you deny this opportunity especially if this offered to you at no cost at all?

What documents do I need to submit during the admission process?

However, there may be specific documents requested by certain universities and colleges, the most common documents required are:

  • The completed application form
  • Your 10th, 12th (for Bachelors courses) + graduation mark sheets (for post graduate courses)
  • Two academic reference letters, OR
  • One academic reference letter and one employment reference letter
  • Work Experience certificate (if required)
  • A Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Advisors in each department will inform you as your application proceeds as to what other documents you will need to produce.

Please note: We do not accept fabricated documents. It is better to explain why you do not have a document than to submit a false document.

Which place in india is good for study?

Ans. Bangalore, Why?

  1. Quality Education System
  2. Service Possibilities
  3. Comfortable environment that enhances productivity
  4. Low Cost
  5. Placement Training from second semester
  6. 45% PCM in +2 Exam for Engineering


  1. Own office in Bangalore
  2. Authorized by various colleges
  3. You select your college by our 100% assistance
  4. Choose from hundreds of colleges in Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra
  5. Total service throughout the course tenure
  6. Confirmed legal admission
  7. Learn through Education Loan
  8. A network of hundreds of consultants
  9. Association with siksha.com (a naukri.com venture)
  10. Payment in Bangalore
  11. Fully transparent admission process, no hidden charges
  12. Total responsibility, before & after admission

Is Direct Admission process legal?

Direct admission depend upon the colleges eligibility criteria. Some colleges giving admission opportunities through management quota and some colleges looking entrance exam % so its depend only colleges demand.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Eligibility Criteria  

What is the reason behind creating Direct Admission Quota?

It is a good opportunity for all students

Are the number of seats sufficient?

It varies from course to course but the supply of seats may be less than demand.

What courses are normally in demand for direct admission?

B Tech, ME/M Tech, Pharma D, Medical, Dental, Management

Education Loan Available?

Go to our Education Loans page for details.

Would there be any problem in placement if I take admission through management quota?

Taking admission through management quota has no impact on your results or placement. Placement solely depends on your results and your performance in the interview.

Where can I get help?

Contact us  

How to choose a college?

Go to our Admission Guidance page.

Is there any problem I need to be careful of?

Read carefully our Admission Guidance Index. Be careful about legality & confirmed admission. Also check our Truth & Lies section.

LIE 3 -- Admission through management quota effects placement.

TRUTH - The above assumption is incorrect. A student who has good grades and have good soft skills would get a good grade irrespective of how the candidate has secured a seat (entrance exam or direct admission). Right Placement for Right Candidate is the motto for the prospective employers. In case, a student has not scored good grades and has not studied properly, he/she will suffer during interviews.

LIE 4 -- You don't need to study that much if you have paid for admission.

TRUTH - Direct admission or admission through management/NRI quota is just a gate pass to study a particular stream. It has no bearing towards a student's results. All exams are conducted by the university and they see no difference between student who is studying under a scholarship or has paid for his seat. The student needs to study as there is no short cut way to success.

LIE 5 -- The more money you spend on admission, the more high-paid jobs you can get.

TRUTH - This rumor has been doing rounds in the market that money is directly linked to success. It is completely false. Money has no effect in securing a good career for the student. The student has to work hard, learn the subject thoroughly and make him/her marketable to get a good career.

LIE 6 -- It is mandatory to go through an admission consultant to get admission in good colleges.

TRUTH - It is not mandatory to go through an admission consultant. But, it is advisable to go through a good & dependable organization who knows the nuances of the education system and guide the student through all the steps of choosing a career path and college.

LIE 7 -- Admission consultants can arrange for 50% or more discount in college fees.

TRUTH - No, it is not possible. Sometimes unqualified agents promise heavy discounts to cheat a prospective student. Be careful of them who offer the moon for the price of peanuts. Established organizations can offer a slight discount to the college fees due to their association with particular colleges, but they are never close to 50%. The dishonest agents use a system call part admission to con the students. During a con, the student is admitted with just a fraction of the actual fees and the agent promises the college that the student will pay the college in regular interval. The information is kept away from students and they only come to know about it when the college demands for the fees to be cleared. So, be aware of the monetary transactions between the student and the college

If the obstacle is cash, an education loan is the answer. The education loan will not only cover the cost of the tuition, but also almost all the expenses involved in the pursuit of academics.

We will provide you assistance to avail bank loan so that you don't lose an opportunity to study in an institution of your choice. Our Financial Consultant will make sure that starting from the loan application, paperwork, loan approval and final disbursement stages, the advisor will guide you in every step. This will ensure that you have 100 per cent peace of mind as your children pursue their education.

How to get an education loan?

In India, most of the national private banks offer educational loans. The student has to take admission to a recognized course and the bank funds the cost of education including admission, hostel costs and other associated charges. The borrower has to fulfill various conditions imposed by the bank to be eligible for a loan. Again, the conditions imposed differ from bank to bank.

What are the basic eligibility criteria?

  • Student be an Indian National
  • Secured admission to professional/ technical courses in India or Abroad through Entrance Test / Merit based Selection process.

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